Pregnancy & Parenting in a Pandemic - FREE ONLINE SERIES

Pregnancy and Parenting in a Pandemic -- What You Need To Know To Survive is an interview series with 17 experts (16 of which are moms) covering different topics ranging from fertility to mindfulness to health & fitness to working from home / productivity and more.

These experts share tangible tools, tactics and strategies to help you survive as a parent not just now during the Pandemic, but in the future while you navigate parenthood. 

17 Modules

From The Trenches: Parenting and Running a Business While Suffering from COVID with Chanie Wilschanski

Learn how she survived parenting while having COVID-19, how she structures work and life behind the scenes without childcare and help, how values came into play on making her decisions, what she does to make sure her relationship stays intact and more!

Is It Possible for Working Moms to Be Productive During a Pandemic with Racheal Cook

Learn tips and tricks to how to stay productive while working full-time from home.

Navigating Teletherapy, Kids with Autism, Motherhood and Entrepreneurship with Jessie Ginsburg

From managing kids with autism through teletherapy to juggling toddlers and building multiple businesses, Jessie has a lot to teach us about how she gets it all done. Her secret: the 5am club. Tune in!

Mindful Parenting and Relationships with Joree Rose

Learn how to communicate effectively with your children so that they will make conscious decisions for themselves, simple steps on how to be mindful when reacting to situations (as a parent or a partner), and overall why mindfulness is so important right now for parents (and children).

How To Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety and Uncertainty with the Parenting Village

Rachel and Katie share insights on how to recognize different signs of anxiety on all ages of children, various methods to communicate with them and how help them through it.

Managing Our Children's Anxiety with Sarah Janoff-Brinn

Learn methods on how to help your children cope with new emotions, heightened anxiety and other issues that might be arising from all the changes.

Balance and Other Myths: Energy Hacks for Special Needs Work From Home Parents with Faith Clarke

Learn simple energy hacks and ways to still remain productive while working from home when you have a special needs child.

3 Steps to Feel Calm and Clear in Minutes with Danielle McGhee

Danielle McGhee shares her simple 3-step process to calm yourself in minutes along with sharing other practices to help reduce anxiety. My favorite part is when she guides us through a breath work exercise.

Finding Calm and Understanding Stress with Parijat Deshpande

Understanding stress and how to use neurobiological techniques instead of quick fixes (which are what we normally think of as stress reducers) to help improve your overall mind-body connection.

What You Need to Know About Prenatal and Postnatal Care with Lisa Grossman

Learn about the changes that pregnant moms are experiencing when preparing for delivery, what the hospital stay is really like, what to bring in your hospital bag, how to manage after delivery, breastfeeding challenges and more!

What Pediatric and OB Care Look like During the Pandemic with Dr. Emily Curran

Dr. Emily Curran, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician, answers questions about "What Pediatric and OB Care Looks like During the Pandemic" along with COVID-19 related questions pertaining to children.

How to Make the Most Out of Prenatal & Postpartum Exercises While at Home with Danielle Spangler

Learn ways to balance exercise at home as a mom, different workouts you can do to keep you strong and healthy, and for those pregnant or new moms, some prenatal and postpartum exercises you can easily accomplish at home.

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Postpartum Health with Tsao-Lin Moy

Learn more about ways Chinese medicine can be incorporated into your daily life and how it can help with fertility, postpartum health, stress, and more!

Natural Fertility Treatments from the Comfort of Your Home with Dr. Melissa Vandermissen

Learn different ways to increase chances of fertility and regulate hormones using methods that can be done at home and purchased from the grocery store.

Fertility & Pregnancy in Rona Times with Dr. Aumatma

Learn methods of sleep optimization, the Cortices Technique (a mind-body healing technique for rebalancing your nervous system), how to manage sugar intake during quarantine and other things to boost your immune system naturally.

About to Pop: Pregnant During the Pandemic with Carissa Woo

What is it like to be pregnant during times of uncertainty? How can you manage to stay calm and how do you prepare?

Fun Things to Do with Kids with Laura Stotland

Laura shares fun things to do with your kids at home along with what businesses can do right now to help build community and brand awareness.

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