Fourth Trimester Tribe

The first 3 months of motherhood are FLAT OUT HARD, but you don't have to go it alone.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a fourth-time mom, it’s challenging. I know because I was just there. 

After having 3 babies and 3 c-sections in the last 6 years, I understand how isolating, confusing and difficult navigating those first few weeks and months are for both new and experienced moms. While each of my pregnancies, births and postpartum journeys have been so extremely different, all have been special and magical in their own ways.

We prepare for months for the birth. We buy all the things. We are so excited, but once that baby enters the world, no book, class or piece of friendly advice can explain how you will personally FEEL physically and emotionally. 

I would google all the things (at 3am), cry to my husband and if I was lucky, vent to a friend with a newborn via text (again, at 3am) while nursing.

During those first few weeks, your life (and your body) doesn’t just magically go back to normal. Getting out of the house is harder and less frequent, but you still crave that social and emotional interaction.

You feel isolated, tired, and sometimes alone, sad or angry, but you push through because moms are real-life superheroes.

This is why the FOURTH TRIMESTER TRIBE was born.

The Fourth Trimester Tribe is a hybrid virtual and in-person safe space for “the NEW” mom to connect, learn and get support in intimately curated online Mommy & Me groups.

OUR MISSION is to create a life-changing start to your newborn’s life and help you thrive as a mom.

From building new social connections to a focus on emotional and physical wellness to learning about the latest in parenting, our goal is to make the postpartum period and motherhood easier for YOU.

Even as a third-time mom, I STILL face new challenges daily.

  • You’re physically and emotionally recovering from birth (What’s up with those night sweats? Why do I have hives? Why am I crying at 1pm?)
  • You’re constantly learning about your new baby (What did that cry mean? What sleep schedule? Why are my nipples bleeding?)
  • You’re learning how to function as a new family unit
  • You’re trying to maintain all your relationships
  • You’re navigating the new YOU

While there isn’t a perfect guidebook, piece of advice or rocking/singing/bouncing apparatus that can prepare you for what the first few months postpartum are like, what you can control is the support you build around you. Your Tribe. Because YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We can't wait to welcome you and your little one into the tribe!


Founder, Fourth Trimester Tribe


What to Expect

Once you join, you will be matched to an intimate mom tribe (no more than 8 moms) all who have babies due or born within a few weeks of you.

Because we're all burnt out from Zoom-only, we're keeping this local (Los Angeles) in order to create a hybrid (virtual + in-person) environment. In the future we hope to expand to other cities, but for now it'll be a hybrid as we all know how important it is to have real human to human connection (plus a mom's night out together is essential)!

Either way, the first few weeks of "newborn quarantine" (I called it that even before the pandemic) often make it hard to leave the house, and so, we will keep it virtual for the first four (4) weeks then move to in-person sessions for the remaining four (4) weeks.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in bed, breastfeeding, in the same clothes as yesterday, haven’t showered, or even half asleep, you are able to join us virtually from the convenience of your own space during those early newborn weeks.

How it Works

  • 8-week Support Tribe - an intimate small group of moms (max 8) that have babies due or born around the same time as you
    • Weeks 1 - 4: 1-hour Virtual Mommy & Me Sessions (1x per week facilitated by Stephanie with your Support Tribe) - we'll host these on Zoom so you can get the answers you need from the comfort of your home, while connecting with other moms experiencing the same challenges you are. (Nothing's worse than people offering advice that aren't dealing with the realities of your situation.)
    • Weeks 5 - 8: 75-minute in-person Mommy & Me Sessions (1x per week facilitated by Stephanie with your Support Tribe) - Location: TBD (South Bay, Los Angeles)
  • Exclusive WhatsApp Group - this is created for your Support Tribe so that you can communicate with each other at any time of the day to ask questions, vent or just chat (at any hour of the day... including those late night feedings)
  • Private Facebook Group - this will be a private community for ALL the tribes combined so that you can meet all the other moms and gain access to a broader community
  • Expert Sessions and Resources - you will have access to a continually growing online content library of resources and expert speakers on topics, such as breastfeeding, pumping, postpartum wellness, nutrition, exercise, baby development, relationships, going back to work, etc...

Session Dates

Session start dates are based on the due / birth dates of the babies in the tribe as the goal is to ensure you have the support right from the beginning.

You can join when you're expecting or when you're in labor or after the baby is born!


$295 per Session

** If you’d like to join after a session has already begun please contact us for pricing details **

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